Tuesday, January 27, 2015

“Speak, for Your servant hears,”:

Discovering The Way God Speaks

There are many ways God speaks and finding them takes a bird’s eye view, keen sense of hearing and a daily commitment to embracing Him. The Lord doesn’t always speak with His voice. Our Father uses a variety of His creations to grab our attention. Understanding those moments involves learning how to pause, look and listen.

A few weeks ago, I was attending church, and the sermon was on 1 Samuel 3:10. That verse is when God spoke to Samuel for the first time. Returning home, I sat in my favorite chair and began pondering over the significance of hearing God’s voice.

I remember the first time the Lord spoke to me. The Holy Spirit filled my soul. That profound experience left no doubt God existed because I felt His presence dwelling inside me. Not only did I feel it, but knew it was Him. I am grateful for salvation.

So, What are some of the ways God speaks?


The greatest way God talks with you is through Christ. First, you have to understand God’s language before you can identify His voice. The only way to learn the Lord’s words is to spend time with Christ. So, the more you pick up your cross and walk with the Messiah the better you become at recognizing the different ways God speaks.

When Jesus accepted you into salvation through the Holy Spirit the door to God’s kingdom swung open. Christ opened your eyes, ears, and conscience to the Lord’s voice. All you have to do is be attentive, responsive and an active participant in following the Lord’s commands. Your awakening will be exhilarating, and the road to eternal life will be firmly placed beneath your feet.

His Children

Another way God’s speaks is through other people. As children of God, we are to be joyful in hearing His voice. The Lord is pleased when we collectively praise and glorify Him, listening to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Rejoicing together unites us as one voice in proclaiming our faith in Christ, the Savior of the world.

In times of grief, God speaks His loudest. Grief is tough because it’s emotionally and spiritually painful. The sadness attached to it is too much to bear alone. God created us in His image and knew the best way to communicate in that situation was showing His compassion through one of His children. One of God’s way of comforting the grieving soul is radiating His love through other people. And God’s human contact is a difference maker in healing a broken heart.

God’s timing is always spot on, and Christ uses us to make His biggest impact when others need it the most. To be included in living life in this beautiful, selfless and purposeful way is a gift God grants to those who ears hear His calling. 

There are so many ways the Lord speaks to us. Loving one another, performing good deeds, carrying Christ’s message and being selfless servants are some of the ways. The beauty of salvation, is the more we mature as Christians, the better we become at speaking God’s language. And as the result of hearing the Lord others become attracted to our godly character.


Nature is full of God’s magnificent creativity. Here is where our Lord uses His natural surroundings to speak to us through the sheer beauty of His mighty creations. Even though, God took away the Garden of Eden, (Genesis 3:24), He wanted us to have a place that is appealing and enjoyable to the naked eye.

God’s animal kingdom speaks volume to His creative imagination. Our Father made both domestic and wild creatures as a means to capture our fascination with the living things roaming the earth. No matter what our animal preference, God has connected us with them. The Lord’s creatures are on every continent and body of water shedding light to the truth of His existence. God is incredible, and there is no escaping the evidence He has placed in front of our eyes!

God is constantly talking to us, and it is our responsibility to continue growing in the image of Christ. The temptations of the world continually speak false truths, and an untrained ear has no defense against the evil one. Deafness is blindness in God’s way of living. It is imperative to listen to God because failing to do so will leave us in the dark. The only way to drown out the unnecessary noise is to dedicate ourselves to Christ.

What are the ways you identify God’s voices?