Sunday, April 5, 2015


Jesus’s Sacrifice for Our Salvation

   The events of Holy week have some significant Christian facts that are undeniable. They paved the way to God’s new covenant (salvation) with humans through the sacrifice of His Son Christ Jesus. Those ancient truths and the Holy Spirit have allowed us to live with Christ.   

Palm Sunday

       Palm Sunday was a time the Jews rejoiced and praised Christ. They welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem by placing palms on the ground. They cried out, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” (Matthew 21:9)
They wanted to catch a glimpse 
of the One, who had been so unusual in the way He lived God's truth. A few days later most of them shouted out “crucify him.”

   We gather together to celebrate the reason behind Palm Sunday. Our Messiah’s entry into the Holy City of Jerusalem. On this day of the calendar, we begin a week of meditating over God’s plan for our eternal future.

The Lord’s Supper

     The Lord’s Supper was the last time Christ revealed to the Apostles certain truths that would take place.

  First The Messiah pointed out His betrayer at the celebration of the Passover. Each one of His Disciples asked if they were the one. And when Judas asked Jesus if it was him He replied “You have said it” (Matthew 26:25).

  During Jesus’s last meal, He took bread and broke it. Describing this was His body given up for them (Luke 22:19). He directed them to do it in remembrance of Him.

When we surrender our wills over to our Messiah, the spiritual food we need is abundant. It’s coming to the Lord’s Table we discover the nourishment of God’s grace. There is no greater fruit than the one Christ has harvested through His death, resurrection and Ascension.

   Then our Savior took the cup and revealed to the Apostles the meaning behind His death. (Luke 22:20) He made it known that His death was the fulfillment of His Father’s will for the remission of sin.   

Until we can admit to our innermost selves that Jesus is the Savoir, there is no way we can find salvation. We must deny ourselves and follow Christ. No matter how faltering, our wayward ways are, the only thing necessary is to exert ourselves back to God. Anything less prevents us from God’s mercy.

The Messiah foretold Peter’s denial. Peter reassured Jesus there was no way he wouldn't stand by His side.  Peter was unable to stop the fear from paralyzing his faith and denying Christ. Christ anointed Peter as the Rock. But he succumbed to the pressures of definite persecution in association with Jesus.

   When I deny Christ, I too have to weep in sorrow. My weakness of the flesh always brings me to my knees. It’s not until I humble myself before Christ that I find the inner peace that removes my denial. Repentance is the key to making amends with Christ. And the more willing I am to repent the purer my heart becomes.  

Good Friday 

Christ demonstrated perfect courage at His crucifixion. Judas’s betrayal of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane brought the world face to face with God's mighty bravery. Our Messiah offered no resistance.

Even though Pontius Pilate found no crime, Christ committed He still gave the order to execute Christ. He turned Him over to the Roman army. They inflicted Him with horrendous acts of physical mistreatments. Christ withstood all the torture they threw His way with dignity.

Christ's human pain on the cross was tremendous. The nails that secured His flesh to the wooden cross caused excruciating pain. He knew this was God's will and was willing to pay the price for the salvation of man. His selflessness demonstrated God’s unconditional love for His people.

The moment Christ cried out “Father ‘Into Your hands I commit My Spirit” (Luke 23:46) he died. God’s new plan was now in place.


Easter is the day Jesus’s great promise to the world (John 2:19) became a reality. He destroyed His temple and raised it back up in three days.

Christ has risen and the victory over sin complete. Our Savior has taken our souls under His protection and care. We no longer have to live outside God’s Kingdom. We are reborn and through the Holy Spirit we experience salvation. 

Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation is undeniable. We experience this truth by abandoning ourselves to God and devote ourselves to Christ. Daily devotion to Christ is living in the spirit of Easter. Once Christ gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, then we have to continue seeking Christ, so we can stay on the narrow road.