Sunday, August 2, 2015

7 Christian Principles to Grow Your Faith:

Building a Stronger Trust Series

Part 6 Brotherly Kindness:

We walked through the first 5 Christian principles in this series, our trust in God has grown. And our faith is stronger.  Disciple Peter opened our eyes and shown us a way of interconnecting valuable Christian characteristics into our faithful lives.

The spiritual power they release came from God and manifested through Christ. Our hearts are prepared to spread kindness.

In times of distress, how has receiving kindness changed your life?

God designed plan is incredible. He understood, we needed each other’s kindness. The comfort from a warmhearted act soothes the heart and renews our spirit. This uplifting experience is God’s way of loving us through the kindness of another.

God knows the precise time when we are in the greatest need of human kindness. Faith isn’t just believing, but knowing the Lord is working through others. Compassion helps ease the pains of living. We don’t always know what’s best for us, but Christ does.

Behind the scenes, Christ is guiding others to reach out and impact our lives. The Messiah’s compassion is constant. Jesus inspires others to be kind, and the Holy Spirit ensures we understand this came from God. This blessing is a gift.  Our faith grows by doing the same.

Day in and day out God is commanding His children to bring joy to each other hearts. The Lord is pleased when we go out of our way and show kindness to a suffering person.  

We can’t keep what God has given unless we give it away. Our part is to be ready and willing to pass on kindness since we never know when Christ will call on us to comfort others.

Exchanging pleasant interactions with others illuminates the godliness inside our hearts. The world experiences the reality of Christ, and its action proclaims God’s word. We are commanded to live in God’s will and by being nice to others, we are in unison with our Father.

Kindness goes further than words.  Sincerity is the key to expressing compassion for no one likes phoniness. God fashioned every man, woman and child with the ability to understand earnestness.

The greatest defense from falling into phoniness is humility. Through humility, our hearts are in its purest form. And our spirits are at God’s commands. By humbling ourselves, Christ directs our lives according to God’s divine plan. Integrity ensures we are sincere for acting under God’s guidance.

God places us in positions to be kind, including our worst enemies. A modest existence allows us to stay nice because we are not acting alone. Remember, God rewards humility with wisdom.

It’s easy to agree upon general ways of sharing kindness. Polite words, respecting others, and opening doors when someone needs help to name a few. Those are the obvious ones.
A deeper meaning of Christian kindness lies in your devotion to God.  

Good deeds are kind acts. Salvation directs us to do good, avoid evil and spread the Gospel. Goodness has a calming effect leading to serenity. One of the early fruits of kindness is inner peace.  

In my walk with Christ, a whole new outlook on life has emerged. I enjoy being nice and is a direct result from worshiping God. Watching the smiles on the faces of those receiving kindness rekindles my spirit. This refreshes my soul and inspires me to continue seeking Christ. God’s rewards me with love, and that makes me grateful.

I have changed the most by showing kindness to those I dislike. Forgiveness is the main reason. When I let go of my animosity towards the ones who hurt me the nicer I became of them. Then I’m able to carry the strength from those in other areas of my life.

One of our Christian objectives is to grow in the image of Christ. God understands we won’t be perfect. It’s our efforts in persevering that matters. When it’s tough to be kind, Christ will be there to help. We will discover our greatest challenges in life solved through reliance on Jesus. God has no weakness.

The way kindness strengthens our faith is best illustrated in our attitudes towards our neighbors. Our past gives testimony to the changes Christ has made in our troubled relations with others. Every time we overcome a problem from turning to Christ our trust in God has grown.

Christ has taught us to be like-minded so let’s unite. We can make those around us more comfortable by spreading kindness. Let’s increase our faith by being kind to everyone we can.