Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Holy Purpose

What is our holy purpose? Obedience? An active faith? Spreading the Gospel?

Those are a few of God’s attributes and essential to our Christian existence. Without them, we stop growing in Christ's image. They are the byproducts of God’s divine plan. But they are secondary to the Lord’s most precious desire-glorification

Our primary purpose is to glorify God through walking in the footprints of Christ.

This is our top priority and the focus of eternal life. God delivered Christ to the world and completed His eternal plan. The Lord made Christ the entrance to His kingdom.

Our eternal destination rests upon building an unshakable trust in Christ. This means seeking the Messiah with our minds, bodies, and souls. Lukewarm faith avail us nothing, but abiding in Christ glorifies God, and we become sanctified.

It’s impossible to worship God without the cleansing Christ brings to our sinful lives. Jesus is the bread of life. We cannot afford to miss the mark for God is watching the way we seek Christ as our savior.              
We must glorify Him or face eternal damnation. This may sound harsh, but God rejects those who mistreat Him. The Bible is full of God’s justice to those who don’t give Him glory.

In the Old Testament and during Noah’s generation the power of God’s glory is displayed. It took the Lord’s wrath to rectify the wickedness of that era. Evilness had reached an epidemic where God had to take drastic action. Here, God showed Noah His mighty justice.

The Lord took away the life of every human except Noah’s. In those times, Noah’s faith glorified God, and the Lord used Him to repopulate the earth.

It’s hard to imagine God did such a thing. He did, and the Book of Genesis recorded the great flood. The Lord made sure that future humans understood the penalty for not giving Him glory. God makes glorifying Him imperative to our salvation.  

Another excellent biblical account backing up God’s displeasure is when the Lord called on Moses. The Lord gave Pharaoh several chances to show Him glories by releasing His people. God took away the life of Pharaoh’s son before he unwilling succumbed to God’s glory. Either by choice or consequence, God’s always gets His glory.

The greatest example of God’s glory is in the New Testament. It came in His New Covenant through His resurrected Son Jesus Christ. Here, God rose Christ from the dead and showed His glory to the real believers.

Most of those people witnessing Christ painful death didn’t realize God’s display of Glory. They watched Christ shedding His blood waiting for a sign, but didn't understand the real meaning of His sacrifice. Even Christ’s faithful followers had trouble grasping it, but when Christ rose from the dead, they saw God’s glory was at hand.

The moment Christ spoke and showed Himself to Mary Magdalene God’s glory is fulfilled. She knew it was Jesus and rejoiced in His name. And from this point forward Christ became the way to glorify God.

I try my best to worship God daily. To live my life in Christ’s sovereignty is a challenge. Every day I try to steal God’s glory and my spirit suffers. It happens in subtle ways, and the villain is pride. During the day Christ steps in and reminds me of this and gives me a chance to humble myself.

I’m grateful to have the opportunities Christ presents in correcting my wrong behavior. The “Spirit of truth” makes my suffering well worth the pain, for I know it’s for my good. And I shed a tear when I absorb what the Lamb of God did the day He died. I have a long way to go on staying in God’s spirit, but His promise of heaven motivates me to continue seeking. 

A life centered in Christ radiates to the world the essence of God’s glorious attributes. In our private relationship with God, we are given an unconditional abundance of love, forgiveness and selflessness. Then, as the result of abiding in Christ the courage to take those same holy principles to believers and unbelievers glorifies God in our righteousness.

The list of ways to glorify God is limitless. Christ holds the keys and will unlock those ways to the faithful. Each day is a fresh start. An opportunity to give God glory. Let’s unite and continue giving God, His precious desire-glorification