Thursday, December 24, 2015

God the Creator

It’s not surprising the world rejects God’s message. The evidence of God is everywhere. Our Creator has left His mark on every continent, body of water and throughout the universe. Humanity gives it best shot in denying those facts and dismisses God’s creation of the heavens and the earth. But God is never absent for He is living. Take notice around you and savor God’s undeniable energy.

Most scientists can’t accept God as the Creator, so they cling to evolution as the answer. Here they argue life came out of mutation and blinded themselves from physical DNA proving life is from creation. Evolution can’t offer the ingredients required to bring forth life. It does not create organisms that reproduce, preserve and repair themselves. Even as believers, it’s hard to fathom the depth of God’s mighty forces.

When we take an honest look at evolution, its flaws are magnified. It doesn’t hold up to its definition. People who live by the evolution code believe life derive out of it. They fail to understand mutations don’t generate new organs. Mutations can make changes within cells, but don’t produce new cells.

Doctor Werner Gitt, a director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, answered this question. Can new information originate in a living organism through mutation? He responded by saying this: "Mutations can only cause changes in existing information.  There can be no increase in information and, in general, the result of mutations is injurious. New blueprints for new functions or new organs cannot arise.  Mutations cannot be the source of new information." He understands evolution is limited.

Another scientist supporting creation comes from Henry Morris. In 1989, he wrote the book The Long War Against GodIn this excellent book, he supplies the facts, separating God’s truth from man’s disbelief on creation. One of Henry’s points is how evolution theory deceives the mind. He said this:  "Evolution's lie permeates and dominates modern thought in every field.  That being the case, it follows inevitably that evolutionary thought is basically responsible for the lethally ominous political developments and the chaotic moral and social disintegrations that have been accelerating everywhere." Mr. Morris gives a powerful definition of a reprobate mind.

God’s unique way of inventing life is remarkable. Nothing can change His personal signature. Satan uses evolution to attack God’s word by discounting the first three chapters of the Bible. In the book of Genesis, it begins with God’s account of creation. It gives testimony to the way He creates everything including humanity.

The first 11 chapters of Genesis are referred to throughout the Bible, Even Christ referred to its validity on six different occasions.
The biggest defense God has against evolution is His Living Spirit. God has given everyone a conscience (Romans 1:18-20). Mutation can’t explain the soul and this shows us the fallacy behind its deception. Regardless if a person believes or not God has provided us the ability to understand right from wrong.

God’s brilliant creativity isn’t limited to humans, but is experienced by His other creatures. The earth is full of fascinating living things attesting to His extraordinary abilities. Human’s coexists with God’s other creations reaffirms He is the alpha and omega. People who deny these facts can’t enjoy God’s kingdom.

Salvation crushes evolution. When we are saved by God, then we understand the truth of our existence. This secures our inheritance in heaven, for we are given Christ. Nothing can overtake Christ’s strength and Satan flees, taking with him every lie, he uses to entice the unstable soul. We are fortunate to have found God’s mercy.