Friday, May 29, 2015

 The Value of Christian Discipline

The value of living with Christ is indisputable. We know this from our personal experience. As the result of our devotion, the Lord embraces us with His love, grace, mercy and a place in His kingdom. God's grace is exhilarating. Our Lord rewards the faithful!

Why is Christian discipline valuable?

The biggest reason is eternal life. Heaven isn’t a theory. Christ death, resurrection and ascension are a fact and without accepting this God won’t open His door. 

Faith takes discipline for Satan uses the pleasures of the world to deny God’s truth. To trust Christ involves self-control because it’s easier to give in to temptation than to wait for His command.      

There is no greater effect on the way we live our lives than the one we discover with Christ. Everything we need to live holy is available from Jesus. We have to be active in pursuing God’s will. Failing to do so is an invitation for disaster.

Jesus’ impact is huge and gives life meaning and purpose. It’s not by accident our lives are transformed. By nature, we cannot transition ourselves from individuality into salvation. But through Christ we find the strength beyond our own to deny ourselves and become His servant. Here is where our Messiah provides us with courage unlike any other. 

The more we rely upon God, the better we become at self-control. Then we experience a life filled with unconditional love and selfless giving.

Without salvation, God’s gift of life is incomplete. In today’s society, many people live an unsaved life. Pick up any newspaper or watch newscasts and escaping the wickedness of evil is unavoidable. In this 21St Century, self-reliance is rewarded, and God’s truth is discarded. This lack of spiritual discipline is the reason the world is riddled with pride, anger, lust, and greed.

The Bible is filled with past generations who lived in the same web of disbelief. A prime example in the Old Testament is Noah’s story. Here God’s displeasure with mankind was at its peak, and He cleaned the slate. Another excellent illustration is the events of Holy Week found in the New Testament. On Palm Sunday, people praised Christ and crucified on Good Friday.

No matter how connected we are with Christ sometimes we lack discipline. It’s difficult to stay on the spiritual plain. God understands we aren’t perfect, but He expects us to give Him our best efforts.

I’m in a current predicament where my discipline is lacking. Cigarettes have been a part of my life for decades. Quitting smoking has been troublesome yet I’m not discouraged, because Christ always prevails. This doesn’t mean I am not bothered by my disobedience.

 In my recent devotions, God has made it obvious for me to quit. There had been other problems when God’s intuition showed me His command. Those other occasions were resolved through faith and trust. Willingness to keep trying has been the key in finding God’s solution. In God's eyes perseverance speaks volume. 

To walk in the Spirit is the best way to describe the value of Christian discipline. In Apostle Paul letters to the Galatians 5: 16-26 it gives testimony to the truth of God’s word. Those scriptures highlight the behaviors of both an unsaved soul and one filled with the Holy Spirit. This leaves no doubt the need for Christ’s intervention.

If you are struggling with, Christian discipline, don’t think you’re alone. No one is immune to the lack of self-control. God assures us through Christ, we find the road to redemption. There is always hope in Christ. Don’t give up keep trying and experience God’s grace.