Saturday, June 6, 2015

God’s Remarkable Gift:
The Mind

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is our mind. Embracing God with the mind places it in His hands so He can purify our thoughts. To connect our minds with Christ goes beyond an occasional thought. It’s a daily and a conscious effort to ponder on God’s truth.

The Lord’s unique design of the brain includes two distinct functions.
In the physical sense, it connects the other parts of the body. The brain sends out commands for the heart to beat, lungs breathe and blood to flow. It activates the nerves pinpointing pain. We don’t have a role in the way the brain works.

The other purpose is for retaining and processing information. The Lord understood, we need to store His knowledge. So He created the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind.
This astonishing ability where we can know about our surroundings and store data is incredible. God is remarkable! The Lord thought of everything.

There is a reason our Father separated the two. God’s gift of free will puts us at a turning point. The Lord never forces Himself on us. We have a choice. And it takes a mental decision on our part to follow Christ.
You know God wants to be placed above everything. And centering His word inside your mind is the key.

There are different types of meditation. Most of them are geared toward emptying thoughts from the mind. But the meditation the Bible teaches is bringing God’s word into the mind.

Christian meditation is essential in developing a spiritual mindset. In Joshua 1:8 God showed to him the benefits of “The Book of the Law”. Another scripture is Psalm 1:2. It highlights meditation as a way of pleasing God.

God has provided us with an abundance of prayers and scriptures to pursue with the mind. To ponder on the Lord’s word is to engage the mind with His truth. And the primary aim becomes putting put right doctrine inside our subconscious.

I have gained a deeper connection with God as the result of meditation. My spirit uplifted, and my heart radiates with God’s love. The Holy Spirit dwells within my soul, and Christ presence is present.

One of my favorite prayers to meditate on is the Prayer of Saint Francis.
When I pause after each verse and receive its message, my mind opens. I’m able to receive the wisdom from the words. The more I meditate on this prayer, the better I become at living in God’s will. As the result, I find myself closer to the Lord. In return my ability to love, forgive and serve others increases. The spiritual energy I find keeps me active in meditation.

The Prayer of Saint Francis is optional. There are countless Christian prayers at your disposal.

Meditation is neat, and it never gets old. It brings God into our minds. No matter if you are a seasoned veteran or new to meditation God wants our minds.