Tuesday, June 16, 2015

God Is

There is no greater gift than God’s love. Our Creator gave us life for free. It cost us nothing. The Lord created us in His image so we could have a personal consciousness with Him. But, to receive His blessing of love we need to embrace Him without reservations. Halfhearted efforts are fruitless, for God wants our undivided attention.

God never forces Himself on us, nor demand we believe. The Lord calls on us, but provided freewill where choosing Him is the entry into His kingdom. God’s mystery, of choice may never be understood but without it eternal life is unattainable.  

Our Father is diligent with His patience, unconditional in love and forgiving through mercy. The Lord is abundant with grace, powerful in healing and compassionate to His children. God knows everything.

His judgment is fair and just. He delivers us from evil and saves us. Our Father is glorious, righteous and understanding. God is protective, caring and holy.

Christ is the Lamb of God, the New Covenant and gatekeeper to heaven. Our Messiah is triumphant in the face of wickedness, victorious over Satan and the remission of sins. Jesus is King of Kings and Prince of Peace.

Christ is the Redeemer, Son of the Father and anointing of the Holy Spirit. God’s Son is selfless, giving and generous. Jesus is eternal.

You can’t find heaven in the fast lane. Its road is narrow and hard to navigate. Without Christ, it remains closed. Discovering the green light leading to salvation takes faith, trust, courage and self-sacrifice. Willingness is the vehicle needed to stay on the eternal terrain for the path to God’s mansion requires action.

There will be times when failure raises its ugly head, and we lose favor with God. But your steadfast trust in Christ during those times become stepping stones to a deeper faith. Every time we fall and become willing to pick up our cross, then the Lord steps in and comforts us. Then we realize God added His wisdom, and we learn the value of living in His kingdom. 

Reliance on Christ is the way and with His mighty strength temptations take a backseat. Unlike any other, this strength stops impulsive behavior that the enemy uses to keep us disobedient to God’s commands.

 As we grow with Christ, an uncompromising set of Christian standards develops, and the quality of integrity emerges. There are many distractions outside the God's kingdom and we are too weak to fight them off. Spiritual integrity is standing firm on God’s truth regardless of the sinful influences the world offers.  

 Through humility, we experience God’s Spirit alive in our hearts. We discover the real meaning of life where glorifying and praising the Lord becomes our passion. Christ leads us to a way of living pleasing to God, and the rewards are divine. Nowhere else can we find our true purpose in life. Jesus makes our lives whole and is the link to God.

The Lord’s love guides us to the Spirit of forgiveness. And those around us experience God’s unconditional love. When we let go of the wrongs done to us, in regards to those we struggle to love, it's a  reflection of Christ living in our hearts. The experience of giving forgiveness leaves an impression on them because the courage it takes in letting go comes from God. Here we are being used by Christ as an example of God’s ultimate truth.

I am grateful for the way God has unfolded my life. Those experiences mention earlier are the ways God has allowed me to find His truth. My past filled with disbelief yet the Lord changed my heart. Devotion has been the key. Prayer, meditation, and church are the outlets God has provided for me to continue seeking. I have learned each day is given. It’s my responsibility to live each day, according to God’s will. Even though I fall, short repentance brings me back on-board with Christ.

Your experience with God, Christ and salvation may be different. But we both can agree God is.