Friday, June 12, 2015

God’s Relentless Patience

God never gives up on you. He has a plan for your life. No matter how faltering we become, the Lord’s patience is in the shadows. We may never grasp the full scope of God’s mysteries, but our personal experience testifies with His forbearance.

God stands by and waits. The moment we humble ourselves the door to His grace swings open. Through repentance, Christ blesses us with mercy and God embraces us with forgiveness. It’s from living in the Lord’s will He expresses His delight with unconditional love!

In my past God was working behind the scene. I’m astonished, because, I should have died, or suffered physical and mental damage. Alcoholism, car crashes, and a serious suicide try should have done me in, but God had other plans.

Do you remember the first time when God silenced everything and made Himself known?

I do. It was in the summer of 1985. Working in the front yard planting flowers for my mother the earth came to life. The soil is filled with God’s Spirit and for the first time I understood He was real. He made my world stop and got my undivided attention.

Later that day the Lord had another experience for me to meet. It happened when I was driving my car. When I came around a curve the sun set in the middle of the road. The bright orange color glowing from its core captivated me. Stunned by this moment, God’s essence emerged in a profound way.

God had showed Himself, yet He knew this wasn’t enough. His plan for my life included periods of time when I lived in darkness and suffered the consequences of disobedience. Isolated, afraid and alone; He waited and watched my every move.

The darkest moment came in 1992 when my life spiraled out of control, and I attempted suicide. During this incident, God showed patience and protected me from death. (To gain a better insight of this suicide try reading the article “God’s Undeniable Love”)

Another major incident when God tolerated my disobedience was an eight-year escapade of drunkenness. Alcohol became my master and from 2003 to 2011 my spirit suffered. Sometimes the Lord called on me. He tried to help me take notice, but the thick dark blinders covering my eyes blocked His light. And the Lord waited for the precise time to rescue me.   

Every time I didn’t see His handy work He showed perfect patience. But God did not let me perish. One day the despair had gotten so intense I found myself on my knees praying. Then, without contemplating I hit bottom. The Lord quit waiting and disclosed Himself. So, on June 10, 2011 I drank alcohol for the last time.    

This time the Lord introduced me to Christ. God anointed me with the Holy Spirit and everything changed.  Jesus’s impact is eternal. I have accepted Him as my savior and the gateway to heaven. I know the changes He has made in my heart, mind, and soul.

Today I understand God is patient and problems are temporary. Troubles are an opportunity for spiritual growth, and Christ holds the eternal solution. Another crucial lesson I’ve learned is the Christian actions I take when I’m waiting for the Lord’s answer. Faith in action during good and troublesome times builds an unshakable trust in God.

God is incredible!