Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Extraordinary In the Ordinary

   I was at work yesterday thinking about the difference Christ has made in my life. I wanted something to write about and the thought finding the extraordinary in the ordinary crowded my head. So, I began to ponder over it.  Then I started reviewing my life and began identifying the ways God has shown me to look beyond the obvious. I did not have to search too far because the employer’s job fits the bill.

   The work I do is delivering clean laundry throughout a hospital. The pay is average, and the benefits are minimal. I have been with the company for fifteen months and have not had a raise in income. All the bosses are pleased with my performance, and my attendance is spot on.  

   However, the opportunities to exemplify Christian character far outweigh the shortcomings of the corporation. God has blessed me with an abundance of people to interact with and the ability to carry out His will.  I am amazed, by the way; God fills me with the Holy Spirit and the places this takes me in regards to my fellows.

    One day I was waiting for the service elevator to arrive and saw a lady with a distressed look on her face. I said to her, “smile someone loves you”, and she looked over at me with appreciation. We departed and later that day as our paths crossed again, I noticed her smiling. I can remember a time in my past that I was blinded to other people' needs because my world was self-centered.

   My favorite stop in the hospital is the maternity ward. Here is where God reveals to me His unconditional love. He brings me face to face with His creativeness. I am in my fifties and have no children. For me, there is no other encounter like this one either on the job or elsewhere. Here I am the most connect with God and seeing the newborns is always an awe, awe moment. The feeling He places in my soul is incredible. That has inspired me to continue to improve on my relationship with Christ.

  Recently, I came across a guy who was struggling with assembling shelving. I asked him if he needed help, and he answered yes. The few minutes this took out of my usual routine was not missed, and the thankfulness he shared was well worth it. I walked away with gratitude. I thanked God for using me the way He intended for that precise opportunity in following His commands. The Holy Spirit fills my heart every time I make these types of efforts.

  These are only a few examples that have happened to me on this job. Christ has taught me that not everything is profound. Paying attention to the finer details is where God changes my outlook, and I am able to see the bigger picture of His plan. When I am in Christ’ zone the better I am able to live selflessly.

   There is no better way for me to live because the possibilities with Christ are infinite. Developing a personal relationship with God has allowed me to see the best in all things even in the worst situations. The more connected I am with Christ, the better I am in giving. As a result of living in salvation, the need for personal recognition evaporates.