Monday, October 13, 2014

The Master

      One of the most beautiful, professional golf course on the PGA tour is Augusta National. Every year the Master’s Golf Championship is held on its grounds. The stunning display of blooming azaleas, dogwoods and plush green grass are captured by the camera’s eye for all to see. The pro golfers and announcers always comment on the splendidness of its natural setting.

   In our Christian lives, we understand how creative God is, and this golf course is a prime example of His marvelous imagination. God’s vision is pure and appealing to the human eye. The Garden of Eden was full of beautiful and magnificent breath taking scenery.

   Adam and Eve had an up close and personal view of the Lord’s paradise. Even though, Adam and Eve succumbed to temptation, God loved them enough to continue giving them glimpses of His beauty. Today, we too through Christ are connected, in the same way, as our ancient ancestors.

   Every professional golfer wants the green jacket on their resume. The rich tradition associated with this major tournament is a well-established prestigious attribute. This event is not open to all pros. In order to play golf on its course, there are requirements to meet.

  There are nineteen different ways a golfer can be accepted into this yearly brotherhood. Seven of them are awarded for winning the other three majors as well as a Master’s itself. The next eleven, ranges from current world rankings to top finishes in the other majors. The last way is an invitation from the Master’s tournament committee. As a result, from narrowing down the field, the best golfers are invited.

   Living in salvation also has certain criteria to meet in order to participate. The first step into the Light is faith. There is no way to enter into the Kingdom without trusting in Christ. All people can become a part of His house because God’s plan is designed to include everyone. However, without applying faith the door remains shut. God responds to those who are humble, honest and willing to follow His way regardless of personal sacrifice.

   Faith without action is useless. The best way to incorporate this spiritual necessity is developing a personal relationship with God through Christ. Devotion is its key and when we approach the Lord with sincerity a presence arrives inside our hearts. God allows us to feel Him, and this change us from a believer in knowing the Truth. As a result of our willingness to rely upon Jesus, we have been granted the way to experience God’s grace. This connectedness is unlike any other because God’s love is incredible.

   Our rebirth supplies us with a Christian courage able to withstand any calamity, circumstance or peer pressure life can deal out. This spiritual confidence derives from our reliance upon Christ in all our affairs leading to strength beyond our own. God makes no mistakes, and His power is the only way we can overcome the most painful situations.

 The impact Jesus has in healing the soul separates the believers from the unbelievers. His compassion for the human race is second to none and all that is required to receive it is our undivided attention to His existence. Missing His mark surely signs our death warrant because salvation is all about eternal life.

   On Sunday, the last day of the Master’s, when the final pairing finishes the tournament ends. A champion claims his crown. All the trials and tribulations the golfers endured comes to an end. The emotional and mental anguish felt from the week events fades away, and the winner burst into tears. The famous green jacket changes hands, and they prepare for their return next spring to repeat the challenge.

   Well, the good news is that by walking in the footprints of Christ, we are victorious over excessive sinning. Our partnership in Heaven comes from the Master of life who preside over us. We know this because we have been providing the wisdom to life’s riddle from the Savior. The spiritual knowledge we need to live righteously can only come from the Messiah, and this makes anything possible.

 Once we live in God’s Word, then, we depart from our individualism and enter into a life driven by a desire to grow in the image of our Creator. We have the courage to live by faith, and forgiving others become the measuring stick of our obedience.  We want to seek and do the will of the Father because we have been touched by the Holy Spirit.

   Every day we are given the opportunity to be of selfless service to God, Christ and others. The more we let go and let Christ manage our lives the better we are at staying on straight and narrow. We discover this happens automatically, and the meaning of life becomes usefully whole. We enjoy loving others and can make a difference in other peoples' lives. Our purpose and responsibility as Christians is to grow spiritually with each other and help unbelievers find the Path. Through the guidance of Christ, we can lead others to God. 

  The road to redemption is like golf because there is always a need to get better. The biggest room in the world is a room for improvement. There is always room to draw closer to the Lord. We are bonded together through Christ as a family and united as one voice in carrying His message.

   This awakening to the facts about the death and resurrection of Jesus confirms the absolute truth about eternal life. Whether we are a new believer or a seasoned veteran the basics of salvation are the same. Living in faith, trusting Christ and humbling ourselves before God builds an unshakable foundation for living. Those fundamental spiritual principles are the backbone of Christian character.

There is no conclusion to a saved life only inclusion through Jesus. The membership in God’s club is granted, and it will take our willingness to follow Christ to remain there. No matter what happens to us here on earth we know that God’s love is infinite, and our Savior’s shield will always pull us through.