Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nature: God’s Marvelous Ally  

   Isn’t God magnificent in His creations! No matter what natural setting gets your attention, He has created it. Part of the Lord’s designed plan in helping you know He exists is surrounding you with appealing views. Sometimes God speaks without saying any words and lets His other creations do the talking.

What part of nature exhilarates you the most?

   Is it the beach? Do you like walking on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes? Does watching the waves break, listening to them coming ashore, and receding back into the ocean draw you closer to its existence? Could it be collecting seashells to take home as a reminder of your fascination with the sea?

    Is it the sun, shining on the water reflecting its vibrant color? Or smelling the aroma of the salt and feeling the coolness of the water from swimming? Do you like basking in the sun absorbing the rays for a tan? 

   Are the mountains a place where you connect with nature? Do you enjoy looking at the spectacular peaks capped with snow? Does looking up at the mountain and following the elevation changes where the vegetation stops, and an awareness to its enormous height arouse feelings of wonderment?

   How about those valleys nestled in between them, splendidly displaying the beauty of the meadows full of green grass and flowering plants? What about the unique wildlife like bighorn sheep, wolves and mountain lions conducive to its environment?

   Do you prefer the prairie? Where vast open spaces are visible as far as the eye can see? Are you most connected to nature when experiencing bison grazing and prairie dogs popping up out of their burrows with cute expressions on their faces?

   Or are you adventurous and enjoy whitewater rafting? Does experiencing the mighty fury of rushing water all around you in the middle of taking on a rapid get you up close and personal with nature?

  What sensations come to you when your adrenaline is pumping, and your mind is unsuspecting to the twists and turns the river has so brilliantly hidden? Maybe it’s the excitement of making it through in one piece and wanting to do it all again.  

   Those are a few natural ways God relates to humans. The Lord wants us to experience the big picture of His Domain and has instilled an emotional valve turned on from His creative imagination. That exterior encounter inspires our inner creativeness to foster.

   The beauty of nature is an uplifting adventure for believers and unbelievers. The Lord is always waiting for anyone who can make a connection with Him. However, He responds to the faithful, devoted and active follower of Christ. Faith in action leads to trust and trusting Christ supplies the wisdom in connecting with all of God’s kingdom.

   God creations are spectacular, and the sheer beauty of the earth and the universe is His way of revealing the full scope of His reality. The sun, the stars and the planets are fascinating; displaying God’s unique phenomenon. The oceans, mountains, forests, and flowers are the essence of God. The animals, insects, and living organisms are the existence of God. We cannot escape God for He is the Most highest and our natural setting attest to those facts.