Monday, November 3, 2014

Everlasting Happiness

   What makes you happy? Is it long lasting or short lived?

   Everyone has the ability of being happy. God designed every man, woman and child with the same emotional DNA. Our Father allows us the freedom to choose the way we live. Believers and nonbelievers can find contentment. So the question becomes what makes happiness everlasting.

   The biggest stumbling block in finding happiness with weight and depth is pride. When we rely solely on self to be content, it is short lived because we have attached a personal agenda to it. We can easily fall for false joy because we live in a world that continues to preach self-reliance will bring us enjoyment. However, the ineffectiveness this type of living generates is God’s way of exposing the discord the world is without His aid.   

   Pride is the master of deception and will blind us from real joy. This spiritual killer entices us to chase after material or prestigious bliss by promising us satisfaction but leaving us desiring more. It leads us to believe we have complete control over the events of our lives, yet we become discontented and fall deeper into despair. Living in an unsatisfied state of being is a direct result from failing to embrace God.

   Humility is the antidote for pride. When we humble ourselves before Christ, a whole new outlook upon life emerges and a shift in what brings us happiness surfaces. Humility leads to gratitude, and when those are working together, there are many cheerful occasions.

   The two focal points that are the cornerstone for happy, joyous and free living are devotion and selfless service. Those deriving out of living a righteous life through adhering to Christ divine lessons. The heart becomes purified from placing Jesus first and following His way of interacting in the world.

   As we open ourselves up to the Lord the difference He makes shows up in our thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviors. Christ in return uses us to selflessly serve our neighbors, and we became usefully whole. Happiness is the outward expression of the inner joy Christ brings to those who follow Him.

   Everlasting happiness only comes from walking in the footprints of Christ. The biggest room in the world is a room for improvement. There is always room to improve living a Christian life. God makes no mistakes, and Christ never fails us. Praising and glorifying God will always bring joy. Christ is its key.