Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Narrow Way: The Right Way

How do you stay on The Narrow Way?

   The road of redemption is a beautiful and a wonderful way of traveling because it is the path Christ built for you to meet God. Its scenery is appealing both visually and consciously, and your spirit will awaken to the Lord’s transcendent grace. Christ will give you all the directions needed to find and remain on the narrow way. All you have to do is be an active part of His life.

   That highway is available to anyone who picks up their cross and walks in the footprints of the Messiah. Your decision to travel down the freeway of eternal life was set in motion the moment Christ accepted you through the Holy Spirit. God chose you to be a part of His kingdom, and the Savior will ensure you a place in God’s world.

   However, the condition of your vehicle (soul) will determine how smooth or rough the ride. Do you find yourself always needing a major spiritual overhaul or have you grown enough with Christ that a tune-up keeps your heart in good working order. Are you easily frustrated over the uncontrollable circumstances life doles out or do you adjust to those situations with faith and courage.

  Here is where the rubber meets the road and separates real believers from unbelievers because faith works in foul or fair weather. In other words, relying on Christ in good times prepares you when the tide turns and difficulties arise. God responds to continuous work not procrastination and faith without action is useless.

What stops you from maturing spiritually?

   My biggest stop sign is pride. That five-letter word is a stumbling block trying its best to draw me away from the straight and narrow. There are many masks it hides behind, and every one of them ends in deception. Ego is Easing God Out, and this always leads to a dead end because I am lost without Christ.

   It doesn’t matter if I am behaving selfishly or seeking some personal recognition from a good deed. The results are the same and are a prime example of my disconnection from Christ.

   The more willing I am to surrender my will and life over to Christ’s care and protection, the better I become at sidestepping pride because humility is the antidote to self-centeredness. One of my greatest assets in practicing humility is acting selflessly by setting aside time and helping others without expectations.

   I am grateful Christ has revealed to me that when pride enters my heart all I need to do is pause and humble myself to Him. When I do this, the results are phenomenal and inspires me to spend more time with Him.

Do you have a danger zone affecting your trust in Christ?

 I do. One of the most dangerous places for me to live is in complacency. I never knew this four-syllable word could cause me so many problems. In the year 2000 without realizing it, my approach with God became complacent. I began drifting away from the Lord, because I felt safe enough to stop giving Him my best efforts.

    Unconcerned with the consequences from my lack of Christian action was my undoing. I believed I was protected, and no harmful circumstances could affect me. Boy was I wrong. The next eleven years of my life consisted of bitterness, hopelessness, and misery. Divorce, alcohol abuse and living life in the fast lane took me away from Christ, and God waited patiently for me to stop rebelling.

   One day, in June of 2011, I found myself in so much despair I started praying. God decided to intervene and answered that prayer. The Lord delivered me from the bondage of self and sent Christ to save me. When I became willing to humble myself to Jesus and confessed my wrongs, then He laid down the path for me to follow. Today my life is filled with many spiritual gifts, and I am careful not to take for granted what has been so graciously given to me.

Where do you find your Christian road map?   

   Living with Christ will allow you to stay focused on the right way and avoid many of the potholes hidden from the driver’s seat. The Lord will steer you in the right direction and shield you from the wreckage of reckless or careless maneuvers. The Messiah will guide you through all the twists and turns along this long and winding road.  

   Christ’s driving instructions come from God. The Bible is the only road map with the correct route to eternal life. There is no better Manual for rightful living than one the one God has designed. Every detour you will need in staying on the right track comes from a life centered in Christ. You will not be let down because God makes no mistakes, and Christ is not an accident.

   Maybe you have a different outlook on the narrow way. None of us are exactly the same and God uses His unique way in getting our attention. The Holy Spirit allows us to agree that the narrow way is real, and Christ teaches us the difference between rightful living and the dangers of disobedience. The only thing that matters in God’s eyes is that we are faithful in following Christ.