Monday, November 10, 2014

Selfless Giving: Following The Lead of Christ’s Compassion

   One of the greatest Christian responsibility is selfless giving. When Christ accepts us into salvation through the Holy Spirit, we tap into His compassion. Our hearts become open, and we develop a sincere desire to help the welfare of our neighbors. We become acutely aware of the suffering of others, and God inspires us to get involved with the needy.

   In this media driven world, it’s increasingly apparent for Christians to unite together and help the thousands of people who struggle with making ends meet. God uses the news, internet and social networks as a reminder of the many who don’t have the means in meeting their basic needs for human survival.

   Starvation, homelessness and curable diseases are widespread daily occurrences affecting men, women and children around the globe. So many people are living in poverty, and the resources available to them are limited. There is always a need to add others who can help the cause. Maybe there is something you can do?

   The best way any of us can share with those living in poverty is the actions we take in helping them. Giving is a commitment because words are meaningless when it comes to caring for the needy. Good intentions only materialize when implemented. As a result of following Christ’s direction, He places us in a position to be of maximum service to others.

   By volunteering your time, resources and efforts you bring Christ’s compassion into the lives of the less fortunate. This up close experience with God gives them hope and the expression of relief on their faces are worthwhile. Making a difference in someone's life is uplifting, meaningful and part of God’s will.

  You don’t have to look far in finding an abundant amount of opportunities available for your services. There are missions, non-profit charities and local establishments specially designed to provide food, shelter and medical help. Your church is an excellent place to discover many of those charities.  

   The internet has an enormous library of information on finding those organizations. Whether local or abroad, there are opportunities for anyone wanting to get involved and lend a helping hand. If Christ is willing to set aside time to save us then there are no reasons to be blind to those in the greatest need for food, air and shelter.

   All of us can do something to ease poverty. We may be limited due to a number of circumstances. Selflessness has little to do with quantity. It’s the quality of giving that matter to God. No matter how large or small the contribution Christ will distribute it abundantly.  

   Remarkable things happen from God when you follow His command and give of yourself to help one of His children. Compassion will fill your heart, and the Holy Spirit will inspire you to continue giving selflessly. You will know real brotherhood and want to grow closer to Christ.

   The wisdom needed in finding your niche in selfless giving is found through your reliance on God. Everything in our Christian journey centers in the Lord and God has a specific plan for each one us. Christ will guide you where He sees fit in using you to help the poor. Your preparation is critical.

What are some of the things you do in helping others?