Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Connecting with God’s Animal Kingdom

   Everywhere around us we are surrounded by God’s creations. There is no place on earth that the Lord hasn’t revealed His powerful presence. He has left His mark on every continent and body of water.

   The Lord’s unique way of filling the earth with other creatures reinforces His existence. There is no escaping God, and unbelievers are awed by the beauty of animals.

   It is not by accident that you feel a connection with the animal kingdom. God wanted you to experience the full scope of His incredible domain. He provided you with affections toward all kinds of living things.  

   No matter what your preference is with wild things, that awareness is His way of using other beings to draw you closer to Him. There isn’t anything the Lord has not thought of to let you know He exists. Those nonhuman beings give testimony to God the Almighty.

   The Lord intended for us to be fascinated with the way He designed our environment. Our enjoyment with the critters on the planet is God’s gift to us. It pleases the Lord when we take notice of the other ways He has so brilliantly displayed His creativity.

What are some of the domestic animals you love?

   There are numerous breeds of dogs and cats that God has made at your disposal. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some have long hair and others short. Whether a miniature or massive in stature, they all come from God.

Do you love horses, camels, donkeys or llamas?

Or are there others you love that are not listed?

No matter what domestic critter you enjoy, the Lord is behind the reason you choose the ones you like because He is present in their creation. There is no denying the way the Lord connects all His creatures together.

Which of the untamed animals captures your attention?

   At the top of my list is the bear. They are so fascinating to me and watching them in their natural habitat is always a heartfelt experience. It doesn’t matter if it is a black, brown or panda bear my connection is the same. I am amazed at their curiosity and puzzled reactions to unfamiliar things. Looking at the mother bears interact with their cubs brings into focus the way God has instilled the motherly instincts in all living creatures. Their affection for each other astonishes me.

  Another one of my favorites is dolphins. These marine mammals are intelligent and keen. Their acrobatic moves are a sight to see. Viewing them propel out of the ocean twisting and turning is an enjoyable moment for me. Experiencing the way they exist in the oceans helps me understand the essence of God.

  Primates make me laugh. Seeing the expressions on their faces reminds me of some the ways I react to my surroundings. I appreciate their need for social interactions and seeing them showing love for each other touches my soul. They are beautiful and full of life.  

  I wanted to share with you one of the ways God has been working in my life. Before I was rescued by God, my blindness to His wildlife was at its peak. I never took the time and noticed His animal kingdom. 

  I am grateful He led me to Christ and revealed the road of salvation. I have been spiritually awakened and enjoy living side by side with the many beautiful living things He has so masterfully designed. Isn’t God incredible!

You may experience this differently than me. I would love to hear how you connect with God through wildlife.