Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Baby’s Messiah


Martha Sexton

   Hi Little One, I’d like to be the first,
To tell you Christ story written in verse,
For you’ll be loved your whole life through,
 By your mom and dad and other folks too,

And yet this message you should hear,
 Of One Whose love is very dear,
He’s Jesus Christ, God’s only Son,
 Who gave His life for “Everyone”,

For moms and dadsother kinfolks too,
 He too was once a “Babe” like you,
Yes, He, Himself, was born on earth,
His family humble of meager worth,

Born without the needed warmth of home,
His birth took place on a journey long,
They found no vacancies within the inn,
His birth took place in an animal den,

There were no baby pictures on the wall,
No soft, stuffed animals funny and tall,
No musical toys with pretty chimes,
No awaiting books with nursery rhymes,

No comfortable bed in which to sleep,
Just the moos of cows and blatting sheep,
His mat was composed of simple straw,
And yet all who viewed Him stood in awe,

Even at birth, His swaddling clothes,
Spoke of the mission that God chose,
No lovely blankets wrapped His fame,
But God, Himself, picked His name,

That night on a hill in the distance away,
Shepherds bowed both their knees and heads to pray,
They thanked the Father in Heaven above,
For the promised Messiah, Child of Love,

While overhead a star brightly beamed,
As Angels heralded “REDEMPTION’S KING.”
They followed that star from yonder place,
Where they each beheld Him face to face,

And so the gift of words to you I bring,
Recounting the birth of “REDEMPTION’S KING”
The story in entirety can’t yet be told,
But in just a few more years you’ll grasp the whole,

And so I trust you too one day,
Will bow your knees and heads to pray,
To thank the Father in Heaven above,
As you claim Messiah, Saviour of Love!

Copyright 1974 @
By God’s Doodlebug

Martha Sexton