Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Burning Desire

My life changed when God introduced me to Christ and accepted me through the Holy Spirit. I felt relieved from my troubles. A burning desire began dwelling inside my heart leading me to a Christian way of living. That precious gift of salvation has become the most important event of my life and its impact continues to be astounding.  
   My life before salvation was full of deception. Pride was at the center of my existence, and everything I did was for personal gain. Most of my motives were selfish. And when I came across as helpful  the real  truth was I wanted something in return for my time and efforts. I have been a self-seeker always looking to obtain something from you. Rarely was I genuine.

   Fear consumed me and anger engulfed my heart. I was in constant conflict with anyone that entered into my personal space. Resentments filled my spirit and were kept active by replaying the injurious incidents (fancied or real) over and again in my mind. The revenge syndrome fueled my rage.

   I couldn’t live in my skin because there was something missing.

  The way I use to deal with all those woes was through alcohol. I became a drunkard because my ears and eyes were deaf and blinded to God’s calling.

   The more I abused alcohol to ease the pains of life the deeper I fell into the bottomless pit of despair. 

   The Lord knew it would take a drastic set of consequences in removing my blinders. 

    And the way He intervened was allowing me to feel the pains of hopelessness.

 I had to reach that point where alcohol had its way with me before He would reach out and take my hand. My powerlessness over its paralyzing grip was devastating. Everything I tried to stop drinking failed and it only got worse.

   The alcohol made me physically sick, and it was noticeable to those around me. I was one hundred and ten pounds, and my skin was pale. My will to live was nonexistent, and I was emotionally, mentally and spiritually bankrupt. I had hit bottom and waiting in the shadow was God’s mercy.

 All I had to do was become willing to let go and let Christ take care of my will and life. The key was activating my faith and begin building a personal relationship with the Father. That has meant humbling myself before God and following the commands He reveals.  

   The suffering I endured paved the way for God to do for me what I couldn’t do for myself. He delivered me from evil and saved me through His merciful grace.

    Knowing His truth leaves no doubt about what my daily responsibilities are in remaining in His kingdom. I must pick up my cross and walk in the footsteps of Christ because failure to do so signs my misery back into the darkness of an unsaved life.

   As my desire to serve Christ continues to burn stronger the aimless direction of my life has changed to the road to eternal life.  By abandoning myself to God, I have become usefully whole. That elusive piece of life’s puzzle (God’s Truth) is now a part of my heart.

   The light of Christ is everlasting and will never stop burning. No matter what your struggles are your desire to seek and do the will of God will be well worth it!

   Missing out on Christ’ remarkable way of life would be tragic. 

 Is your life burning with a desire for Christ?