Thursday, March 5, 2015

Embracing God in Times of Grief

   One of the most profound experience any Christian can encounter with God's healing is when grief strikes. Here is  where the Lord allows us to know the difference He makes in  healing a broken heart. And the only way to find God's release from a devastating loss is to embrace Him wholeheartedly. Anything less won't do.

 Leaning heavily on Christ during a grievance, will soothe the soul and relieve the suffering.

None of us are immune from losing someone we love. There is no easy way of dealing with the pains of grief. Being alone during grief is dangerous to the heart, soul and mind because we are vulnerable, leaving an opening for the evil one to take us away from God. Without the Lord's defense in this life-changing crisis our spiritual wellbeing is at its greatest risk.

God is the only One powerful enough to overtake its paralyzing grip.

Grief is one of the toughest situations to face. The loss of a loved one brings to the surface a full range of emotional instability, and we can become overwhelmed with an incomprehensible sadness. Our lives have changed and our self-will won't be able to match the calamity with serenity. 

Only God can bring an inner peace in times of sorrow.

Some of the circumstances causing grief is difficult to swallow because evilness has done its worse. Murder, drunk driving fatalities and accidental death caused by the irresponsible actions of others are some of the most difficult situations to accept. Experiencing any one of them opens a gaping hole in our soul that seem impossible to heal. They take a toll on our minds, bodies and heart.

Grief can cause problems with our faith because death is difficult to accept, and we may question why God allows others to pass away. We may blame God or become angry with Him or even distrust Him.

Nothing good can come from taking an angry or blaming approach with God.

Moving beyond grief isn't an overnight matter. The process to get over it takes time to develop and take root. None of us knows when God will heal the wounds from such a traumatic loss. However, we are assured from witnessing others rely on Christ during their grievance and  the healing they received; then the same will hold true if we too embrace God wholeheartedly. That doesn't mean we won't miss the loved. What it does mean is that we will be healed from the emptiness we may feel from the loss.

Anger, depression, guilt, remorse and sorrow are some of the feelings associated with mourning. When we allow those feelings run riot in our hearts, our lives become unmanageable, and we suffer immensely. Holding onto those emotions prevents God from healing our brokenness and can lead to bitterness that sickens the soul. 

The good news is with Christ you don't have to handle this alone. Embracing God early in the mourning process will give you the best advantage in accepting your loss. The quicker you turn to Christ the better it becomes in finding the courage to move on with your life. Even when it's tough and you don't feel the hand of God doesn't mean He isn't there. Giving up on God allows the suffering to intensify. It's by continuing to place your faith in Christ and trusting God that will be your saving grace. 

  Christ's impact will make the difference!

Another way the Lord provides comfort to those who embrace Him is using others to help ease the pain. Dealing with grief always includes others because God designed us to have compassion with each other. The Lord works through others and one of the ways He shows His love is by providing us with the experience, strength and hope of someone who has dealt with a loss of a loved one. God fashioned us to have personal contact with each other and there isn't a more crucial time for human to human contact than in the midst of grief.

Ten years ago I came up close and personal with sorrow. My dad passed away in April of 2005. I faced the reality that I will never be able to physically see him. I didn't handle the loss well since I stayed drunk to rid myself from the discomfort. Yet when I became willing to let go and embrace God, He allowed me freedom to move beyond the hurt. I'm forever grateful for the way Christ continues to reveal God's truth in my life. 

There is no magic wand or crystal ball that can relieve the pains of the losing some we cherished. Life isn't a fairy tale. Sometimes we experience unfair circumstances and suffer from the injustices of others wrongful acts. Those situations brings us to a turning point. Either we go through them alone or seek out God. The choice is ours. 

                                         God is all powerful may you embrace Him now!