Thursday, March 26, 2015

Embrace God With all Your Heart

Embracing God is all about building a personal relationship with Christ. Day in and day out. Under all circumstances. In times of joy and sorrow. No matter how close you are with God, there is always room to improve your conscious contact.
Our Messiah made no excuses in placing His Father above everything. Jesus performed many miracles. He shared God’s word with large gatherings and revealed His plan to the Apostles. He made embracing the Lord, His number one priority.

If, Christ found the time to spend with God, then we can too! 

It’s easy to use God as a bail bondsman.

How often have you heard “get me out of this one God”?

 When my personal plans take me away from devotion, my connection with God has limitations. As the result of my inactive faith, I have cut myself off from His light. 

One of the ways I know when I’m off the spiritual beam is I become irritated over small matters. I begin taking out my frustrations on others, and my gratitude for God’s gift of life is absent.

My decision of using God a little here or there is a set up for unnecessary suffering. Without Christ's aid, I lack the wisdom in responding to life the spiritual way. Under my resources, I’m in conflict with those around me, and there is no peace of mind.

   Living my life in the fast lane chokes out God’s grace. Even though I know He is there, sometimes it seems impossible to slow down and enjoy His blessings.

Am I too busy for God?

What if God took that same approach and was too busy to help me?

Where would I stand?

 It is a great relief to know that God loves us enough not to shut His door. All we have to do is continue knocking.

 We leave God out, but He's always there. 

 When I remain active in obeying Christ’s commands, then I experience a strength beyond my own. A daily courage to surrender my will to His has developed, and I’m no longer afraid to pick up my cross and walk in the salvation. I look forward to being of service to Him and others.

The Lord only wants our attention. Let’s give God our undivided attention right here and right now. The only urgent thing is to keep doing it because our eternal lives are at stake.

 Remember, God is the one who has given us a new way of living.

 Our Father allows us the freedom to choose. Making the right choice brings undeniable results.

  Choosing to embrace God, listening to His voice and putting it into action brings us in line with His divine plan. , Christ provides us the freedom from the bondage of sin and we find ourselves living a life filled with the Holy Spirit. The inner peace, we feel is no accident, but a direct result of God’s presence.

   The impact of embracing Christ with our hearts, souls and minds will be powerful. Our character will become Christ-like, and those around us will notice the essence of God. We now have in our possession a set of uncompromising Christian principles.

It’s only by your persistent efforts in following God that leads to an unshakable trust in Him. Everything you will need for eternal life is available through Christ. All you have to do is take action and carry God’s message.

    Believing there is no need to build a daily reprieve with the Lord is a false sense of security. Salvation is more than knowing Christ came to save the world. It’s a daily commitment and sometimes an hour by hour reliance on Christ to save us from unrighteous behaviors. Forgetting God is making the wrong choice. 

   Complacency is hazardous to spiritual development. It convinces you that there is no need to reach for God in all your situations. Hidden behind its web of deception are harmful and dangerous encounters.

  I have come up close and personal with the juggernaut of a complacent faith.  There was an eleven-year part of my life where my trust in God was nil, and the results were detrimental.

The relentless pain and suffering was unbearable. My life spiraled out of control. Left in the wake of my unmanageable life was the damage I caused to those who loved me.

   Then one day God got my attention. I found myself on my knees praying for help. Shortly after humbling myself before Him things began to change.
That was four years ago and through following Christ daily my life is entirely different. God has restored my soul and cleanse my conscience. I am grateful for His glory.

  Finding serenity in the trials and tribulations of life comes from centering yourself in Christ. There is nothing in this world that can match God's love for you.

Faith without action is useless. Preparing for eternal life isn't an overnight matter. Yesterday has passed and tomorrow hasn't arrived. We only have today and neglecting our commitment to the Messiah is unwise.

What's it like for you to embrace God with all your heart?